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Nick Evans

Nicholas (Nick) Evans is known for thinking outside the box and his passion for helping others. He attended GA State to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Business which taught him the importance of networking, perseverance, and critical thinking in the ever-changing Metro Atlanta market. He possesses a combination of grit, integrity, and charisma that assist him in easily providing the best for his clients. Visits to Central America altered his perception of cultures and he gained valuable insights into different backgrounds, ethnicities, and social classes.

Nicholas developed an interest in real estate when he and his mother sustained a tragic grease fire that forced them to move. He observed the entire process from showings to the closing table and knew he had it in him to do the job better. This event sparked a fire in him to make real estate his career. Nicholas is a committed and determined go-getter who can find just the right balance in negotiating to win just the right home for you! His daily goal is to exceed his client's expectations and make their home-buying process seamless. In his free time, Nicholas enjoys listening to music, working out, playing basketball, and taking adventurous excursions around the world.

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