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Sizing Up Your Options: How to Determine What Size Home is Best

When looking for a home, prospective buyers often focus on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, without really considering the actual size of the home. In addition, they may not realize that the way a home is designed can influence how spacious it feels, no matter how large or small it actually is.

Home size is not only important for the comfort of the occupants, it can have a great deal to do with how affordable the home will be to live in for years to come. Prospective buyers who are looking for the perfect home and unsure of how to choose the size they need may want to consider these questions to help them succeed. 

What are the buyer's current and future daily space needs? 

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4 Common Mistakes Every Home Buyer Should Avoid

Like many other important decisions in life, the experience of selecting a home and making an offer on it should not be one that is taken lightly. In most cases, prospective buyers who take the time to make sure they are well prepared for the responsibilities of home ownership are able to enjoy a better buying experience.

But each year, some home buyers continue to make common mistakes that cause them to endure delays or even failures in closing on the home of their choice or cause them to later regret their decision to purchase a home at all. If you are entering the real estate market as a prospective home buyer and would like to make your experience a positive one, take a moment to learn about these

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No. 19 Fire Station c. 1920sBy Lola Carlisle

Since its opening in 1925, Fire Station 19 (FS19) has been a beloved institution in Virginia-Highland. The firefighters and the building have a unique place in this community. A lot of children in this neighborhood have climbed on its engines, and a good many of us have been treated by the EMT team housed there.

To no one’s surprise and everyone’s delight, FS19 – and its sister station FS27 in Piedmont Heights – have received a lot of attention and support from Councilmember Alex Wan since he took office in 2010.

When the Councilmember and local resident Catherine Lewis discovered last fall that the station had been placed on the city’s 2016 replacement list, it caught everyone’s

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Mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced Monday that first-time home buyers can now qualify for loans with down payments as low as 3 percent. That will expand credit for qualified home shoppers who may have been sidelined the last few years because of higher down-payment requirements, housing analysts say.

Freddie Mac launched Home Possible Advantage, a conventional mortgage with a 3 percent down-payment requirement geared to low- and moderate-income borrowers. It's a conforming conventional mortgage with a maximum loan-to-value ratio of 97 percent. To qualify, first-time home buyers are required to participate in a borrower education program.

With Fannie Mae's 3 percent down-payment offering, borrowers must still meet standard eligibility

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Ansley Park is an affluent residential neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia, located just east of Midtown and west ofPiedmont Park. When developed in 1905-1908, it was the first Atlanta suburban neighborhood designed for automobiles, featuring wide, winding roads rather than the grid pattern typical of older streetcar suburbs. Streets were planned like parkways with extensive landscaping, while Winn Park and McClatchey Park are themselves long and narrow, extending deep into the neighborhood.

Ansley Golf Club borders the district. The neighborhood was largely completed by 1930 and covers 275 acres. It has been designated a Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places. In 2008, the median household income for the neighborhood was $226,335.

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In 1992, Buyer Agency was created. Prior to 1992, Buyers of  real estate had no legal representation. As part of this new type of agency, a Buyer is entitled to:

◊ Loyalty                                                   

◊ Ethics

◊ Disclosure

◊ Confidentiality

◊ Accountability

◊ Reasonable skill and care


As your personal Buyer’s agent, I will represent you and your interests in the purchase of your new home. 


◊ Loyalty

I will act in your best interest.


◊ Ethics

I will follow the lawful instructions of my Client.


◊ Disclosure of All Material Facts

Including but not limited to:

· Legal effect of important contract provisions

· Property’s value

· Any facts pertaining to Seller

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